Industrial and manufacturing operations require maximum up time.

DHC Structural | Civil has extensive experience in the industrial and manufacturing sector, from large-scale warehouse developments to steel and concrete manufacturing plants, silos, tanks and everything in between. The team specializes in high-performance, efficient, economical solutions to meet the demands of the industrial sector. Long-term strategies are employed to maximize client investments.

DHC Structural | Civil have delivered some of the largest industrial projects in New Zealand and I have had the pleasure of designing a number of these. The complex interfaces between mechanical and structural requirements create challenging projects while having to ensure the highest level of durability, resilience and efficiency is maintained.

We understand at DHC Structural | Civil that the operational practices of industrial projects vary significantly from project to project and that the client’s requirements must be met for the design life of the structure. On-going maintenance can have costly long-term effects and these must be considered upfront to provide the most optimal solution.


The nature of our experience...

  • Large-scale warehousing, including internal and external cranes
  • Post-tensioned, fibre reinforced or conventional floor slabs
  • Steel manufacturing plants, eg. D&H Steel
  • Concrete manufacturing plants, eg. Firth Manukau
  • Bulk storage towers and silos, constructed in both steel and concrete
  • Water retaining structures, tanks and aquifers, eg. Wanganui Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Seismic restraint for mechanical plant


See our portfolio for some recent achievements.